Published Articles

– Greening the City, connecting communities, C2C City

(Self Sufficient City; Envisioning the habitat of the future, 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest. IAAC, Barcelona, Spain, May 2010. ** Related article: A Permaculture and Transition Vision For Barcelona City)

– Art spaces as weapons of war

(Permaculture; Visual Arts at Project Arts Centre, Dublin 2001-2006. May 2010. Dublin, Ireland. ** Related article: Art spaces as weapons of war)

Online Articles

online cut

Brazil May Have the Answers to Many Global Ecological and Social Ills (Brazzil.com, July 2014: Reposted on STORIFY here)

Cheer For Peace (Curitiba in English, July 2014)

Brazil: Opera Came to the Favela of Vila Torres (Gringoes.com, July 2014)

Brazil’s Protest Against World Cup – Why the Anger? (Indian Football Network, June 2014)

Brazil’s Protest Against World Cup – Striving for Positive Changes (Indian Football Network, June 2014)

For a greener and socially fair World Cup – #CheerForPeace working with all of Brazil (CheerForPeace, June 2014)

Curitiba, CicloIguaçu, Association of Cyclists from the Alto Iguaçu river (Barcelona FAD Award 2014 proposal. April 2014)


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