Art spaces as weapons of war

Dublin’s Mayday 2004 saw thousands of opponents to fortress Europe beaten away by riot cops and water cannons. Days later, RED ARCHIVE, a strange OPEN communication space seeking all inputs, was asking: What is art, what is politics?

As activists, we used this space to communicate and build in and out of, to wander from and bring people to, to share critical ideas, to widen the discussion. Our ongoing war is one of communication against today’s culture of ignorance and apathy. Seven million people continue to die needlessly every year, perhaps our actions helped?



This piece was written for the book published by the Project Arts Centre in Dublin: Permaculture; Visual Arts at Project Arts Centre, Dublin 2001-2006. The piece was requested by Sarah Pierce, creator of The Metropolitan Complex. Our collaboration for the Red Archive, resulted in documentation on Indymedia Ireland as well as the half hour audio recording of the Red Archive Feedback session. Original Article posted here.

Information regarding the Demonstration against Fortress Europe:

Video of water cannon | ‘The Ruck at the Truck’: Noise Protest Echoes Continue: All The News That Fits: Final Edition | The long march on Farmleigh | Looking back on the Dublin EU summit protests – Mayday 2004 | Indymedia Mayday Festival and Centre | Photos | Photos 2 | May Day Smear Campaign – the Irish media turns against protesters

Mainstream coverage pre and post demonstration:

No May Day violence expected says O’Donoghue | Protest and parties planned for May Day | Dublin EU Riot: Ahern Praises Police


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