1916 Remembered



1916 Remembered  – Ireland’s revolution remembered on the centenary. A year long film series, happening in Curitiba, Brazil, to investigate what went on… For the upcoming 12 months we will have a film night, once a month, in Fitzpatricks pub, on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The first night will be Wednesday the 23rd of March, a few days after this years Paddys day. Each night will be broken into 2 parts; first a short documentary investigating different themes of the rising of 1916, then a full length film about Ireland, not necessarily relating to the Rising, but exploring various aspects of Irishness.. When possible, we will have Portuguese subtitles for the material. There will be an open discussion in English after the films. These events are free to the public, all are welcome.

We are currently organizing the film programme, below you can see a wide selection of film material available online.

LINKS: We will continue to update this area, with useful links to information about the rising , Irish history and specific posts for each of the 12 film nights..


Some material is viewable from the Irish TV channels RTE and TG4 (THE Irish speaking channel)


The leaders shot

Clarke, Pearse, Connoly,

James Connolly (Ireland’s Greatest, RTE Documentary)


The other 7, non signatories who were also executed

  • Michael Mallin (Seachtar Dearmadta. Part 1)
  • Con Colbert (Seachtar Dearmadta. Part 2.)
  • Edward ‘Ned’ Daly. Commandant of Dublin’s 1st Battalion during the 1916 Easter Rising. Link at TG4

The revolutionary women

  • Margaret Skinnider a woman of calibre

Post 1916: War of Irish Independence & The Irish Civil War

  • Michael Collins (Documentary, Ireland’s Greatest, RTE)


  • The wind that shakes the barley




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