Projects I have been involved with, to varying scales, in the following countries:
Ireland, Spain, Brazil, England, Croatia, Bosnia, France, Italy, Denmark.

Present Projects:

Brazil, Curitba

Past Projects:

Brazil, Curitba

Thumbnail for Opera Came to the Favela of Vila Torres

Brazil, Rio do Janeiro

Spain, Barcelona:

Bold, Beautiful, Blooming Barcelona on Valentines weekend

 Ireland, Dublin

Ireland, Cork

  • Muralismo. Mural and art community project (2005) with art gropups from Ireland, Nicaragua and Colombia

Ireland, Shannonbridge


Italy, Venice


  • Climate camp, Kingsnorth , (2008)
  • Climate camp, Heathrow, (2007)

France, Roubaix, Lille

  • Le petit cinema, wandering woekshop.. experiments as part of the activities in “La Condicion Publique” with EASA. Film here (2004)


  • #COP15 @ Copenhagen 2009: Reclaim Power, Climate Caravan, Peoples Assembly
  • EASA 2003, ecovilalge frilande
  • Bornholme ecobuild

Bosnia, Banja Luka

Croatia, Samogar, Vis

samogar art gallery @ sangria night c/o lithuanian mad hatters 2002