Although not an “artist” I have been involved in many projects that can were described by some as artistic. I am more of an ecological activist and architect. Here is a short selection of some of the projects I was involved with or participated in.

Samogar art gallery, Vis, Croatia, 2002

Playing with phi, Lahinch, Clare, Ireland, 2003

Eco City Banja Luka + Bosnia state art gallery expo, Bosnia, 2003

Petit cinema, Roubaix, Lille, France, 2004

Red Archive, Dublin + Book publication, 2004 + 2008

– Seomra Spraoi + Streaming from the gaff, Dublin, Ireland, 2005

Muralismo, Cork, Ireland, 2005

Moore street radical radio, Dublin, Ireland, 2006

METAVILLA, Venice, Italy, 2006

World Social Forum Kenya, Barcelona node, Spain, 2007

The magical journey of BOLD-ness and beauty, Ireland, 2008

A little pagan affair, Altafulla, Catalunya, Spain, 2012


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