Past Events and Talks:


adventures in architecture – Public talk
15 April 2014- Bicicletaria Cultural, Curitiba, Brazil
Video of presentation on BAMBUSER here, hour 1: vids, hour 2; talk.
Languages; English + Portugese 
INFO + vids shown here 

Leaving the OIL AGE behind– Dublin EXCHANGE
Friday 26th March 2010. Infos here

exchange talk


Give & Game Fan Fest for the Rest #2: Rocinha, Rio

#CheerForPeace; Rocinha favela, Rio de Janeiro. July 12 2014. Press Release : FB event page


Give & Game Fan Fest for the Rest #1: Vila Torres, Curitiba

Sunday 15th of June 2014. Reports: Cheerforpeace + + ODPH

Marriage: Tania & Duncan, a little pagan affair
Saturday 23rd of June 2012

We got married legally on fri 22nd of June 2012 in Altafulla town hall. We had OUR real celebration on Saturday 23rd of June; a pagan ceremony on d beach, with those we love, to give thanks to La PACHAMAMA (mother earth), to eat n drink n dance.. And then, as has been done by our families for thousands of years… We lit a fire, we danced, we drank, we celebrated and we waited for the fires bigger brother, inti (the sun), to arise… The old summer solstice celebration. At this point on Tamarit beach, those still present stripped off n entered the beautiful warm waters of “the middle of the world” (the medi-terra-nean) We swam about watching d first rays of d sun come over d distant hills. All there knew we had shared a simple, old, beautiful moment… Remembering we are alive.

The bookThe videothe blog



Guided Tour Barcelona // Street Art
Sunday 24th March 2013, with BCN MES
Infos here
bcn 2
Green and Blue walk: eco threads for Dublin city
Saturday 09 August, 2008, streets and green spaces of Dublin
Related infos at: The Botanic Spine : A Greenway and CPUL for Dublin (eco)city

Green and Blue walk: Dublin's Metamorphosis... "Botanic Spine": Urban greenway and CPUL


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