Barcelona: new Plaça de les Glories

“Canopia Urbana”, winner of the competition for the Plaça de les Glories in Barcelona by Ana Coello & Agence Ter

One of the places in Barcelona still remaniscent of the industrial age (and of the car), the Plaça Glories will have a new makeover. The proposal “Urban Canopy”, by the Catalan Office UTE Agende Ter (arquiteta Ana Coello de Llobet), won a competition for a new use of the site. According to Jaime Lerner , president of the jury, the winning bid is “More ECO-architecture and less EGO-architecture”.

We moved to Brazil from Barcelona, after living there for 7 years. 7 great years full of life in this fantastic city, we lived near Bogatell, 10 minutes from Glories. It was originally to be the centre of the “new barcelona” under Cerdas Eixample plan, but due to the growth of car culture it became a dead zone, a tribute to failed planning… Great to see it is moving to make a major new green heart for the city, time for the city to become an urban leader again???


The winning proposal for the transformation of Les Glòries aims to bring nature back to the city

Les Glòries’ future is starting to take shape. The winning proposal for the square’s transformation was announced this Friday. The chosen idea is an Urban Canopy that puts the emphasis on nature.

According to the jury (consisting of 12 experts from various disciplines and two local-resident representatives), Canòpia Urbana creates an “Glòries Space” with its own unprecedented character in the city, by leaving aside the dichotomy between park and square and opting for the deployment of nature…

Canòpia Urbana – Winner of the Competition for the Glories Square in Barcelona

The physical and geographical centrality of the Plaça de les Glories had not resulted so far the urban center that Cerdà planned for this area of ​​Barcelona. Located at the intersection of the three main avenues of the city, Glories is now in the joint between the urban system and the future Cerdà green axis linking parks Trinidad, Sagrera and Ciutadella. Glories represents an opportunity to create a park-plaza, including new contemporary dimensions, such as biodiversity and climate comfort and space for everyday recreational practices.


The final 1o proposals

Plaça de les Glories, em Barcelona: da era do automóvel para uma escala humana


in Catalan: La proposta guanyadora per a transformar les Glòries aposta per la natura (The winning proposal for the transformation of Glories by nature)


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