The Cuban Pavilion at Venice 2006

The (Temporary) Cuban Pavilion existed at the Venice architectural Biennale, for a short time in 2006. On Monday 16th October, the French Pavilion, which was called METAVILLA,  was turned into the Cuban Pavilion with full permission and support from curator Patrick Bouchain and all invited participants who were living and working out of the space during the ResidentMETA workshop. […]

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#CheerForPeaceEXPO – day 5; FOOD – Eco Urban talk with Irish architect Duncan Crowley

Irish eco architect Duncan Crowley will give his talk at 5pm (9pm Irish time) in IBQP, the iCities node in Curitiba, Brazil on Friday 8th of August 2014. The talk will be broadcast live on the #CheerForPeaceEXPO NET TV channel on Bambuser. The archive video will be made available after. He is part of the […]

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