Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology (MOOC / Cornell University)

Greening the city, connecting communities… Global; Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology (free MOOC course)

For all my eco, activist, urbanist, ecologist friends or anyone who cares about where they live and have or want to take positive action to shape positive community develop, or if you simply want to learn more on how to make it all better, or share experiences in helping others do likewise… Heres something some of ye or people ye know, might like to do, learn stuff, share stuff, make connections, build the global family taking action (at different scales) to make the world WE want to live in…

Amazing FREE 6 week ‪#‎MOOC‬ course happening now, via Cornell University (New York): You can still participate if you are interested in these issues:

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology

Explore why and how people come together to care for nature and cultivate community in places marked by disaster, war, poverty and environmental degradation.


FB group page: Civic Ecology MOOC

The actions of ordinary people are often absent in studies of urban renewal and urban ecology. Around the world, people who are fed up with environmental degradation and the breakdown of their communities come together to transform blighted vacant lots, trashed-out stream corridors, polluted estuaries, and other “broken places.” Civic ecology practices—such as community gardening, wetlands restoration, river cleanups, and tree planting—are a means for people to express resilience and rebuild communities marked by disaster and disinvestment.

Civic ecology draws on psychology, sociology, political science, education, ecology, and social-ecological systems resilience to understand how and why people care for nature and their communities…


My storyful project is here, its called:

Parque Gomm and the power of the Mutirão

For that I need to uplaod this image from the Gomm community:

gomm fb


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