2015 – Meeting wonderful people and making a positive environmental + socially just impact

2014 was a great year, arriving to Brazil to start a new chapter in this fantastic adventure. There was much learned, some fantastic experiences, making new friends and making a new life… It was not all easy, but “Vale o pena”, it was worth the hassle / pain…

2015 has started very positively, our “Food Loop” project is continuing and I have started working in Terra Fértil, a wonderful little stall in the Organic Food section of the mercado municipal, the first of its kind in Brazil, nearly 6 years old. Meeting wonderful people and making a positive environmental and socially just impact for Brazil and the world. Call in sometime and say hello or get a home box delivery of lovely scrumptious and healthy goodies for you and your family… Were box 511, in the far corner.

With “Food Loop” We are also carrying on the group deliveries to the fantastic place and community that is Parque Gomm, they are such a special group that the Brazilian Asterix fan club even had its very first informal gathering on January 17th, my birthday, thanks to Tania and Crezo.

We have also carried on with the “Curitiba Eco City Tours“, with our friends from Gomm, we did the Yellow Tour, understanding the visionary and poetic roots of Curitiba city and people, you can see the great mural of Leminski in the city centre with some of the gang…

This year we will be putting on the “Friends of Saint Patrick film series 2015“, Tania and myself and the “St Pats crew” of Andre, Carolina and Raphael are all looking forward to this year long journey exploring that odd and wonderful notion of “Irishness”… More on that over the year. We hope to get the radio station up and running too, maybe even get some input from our fellow Irish gringos in Rio; Stephen and Peter…

We had hoped to get to the #FMB4, the 4th world bicycle forum in Medellin, Colombia and to our friends wedding in Carthagena, but unfortunately it is not possible. But the great news is George and Livy will go ahead anyway and have a super time, and David Smith will travel from Ireland to Colombia to participate and report back from eco goings on in the new world, back to the ex mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague, the Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC) and more… Here in Curitiba, we will set up a temporary bike node and we are encouraging more communities around the world to do likewise, there’s some great ideas been exchanged in the wonderful space; the bicicletaria cultural, about possible bike projects to change the world… More of that, soon. For the short report from #FMB3 see this earlier blog post… Ride On bike buddies… Lots of little revolutions every second 😉

In 2014 I was invited to give 3 talks and to make a short presentation at the amazing Praça de bolso do ciclista about the work we did with #CheerForPeace, so here are 2 vids of 2 talks from the great #CheerForPeaceEXPO we made in IBQP (The Brazilian Institute of Quality and Production), in fact it was the first “art exhibition” that IBQP had in all its years of innovation.. All the projects working there are related to urban solutions.

There are solutions to all problems, as they say in India “Problem, no problem”…

Enjoy the vids. Enjoy the year, see you in Saint Pats for a pint, or online for a sharing of ideas…

Viva la pachamama… Long live mother earth.

Happy, peaceful, creative, productive greetings to you all for 2015.

Friends of Saint Patrick Film series 2015 about to start next Tuesday…

Crezo and Dunk and “Asterix and the picts (scots)” in Gomm

Allez Gomm – Go Gomm

First “Food Loop” Entrega to park Gomm at end of 2014

Food Loop : Entrega Gomm # 3 Sabado 31 Janeiro 2015

Gomm Journal

Gomm poster

Eco city tours stop in the praca ciclista

Praca – recreate your city…

Curitiba Eco City Tours“, Yellow Tour with Leminski and our friends from Gomm

Curitiba Eco City tours

ibqp talk poster art3


ibqp talk poster



vid; http://bambuser.com/v/4855562 (Youtube version will be online soon)

2 – Artistic spaces and processes for social change – Duncan Crowley #CheerForPeaceEXPO – day 6; ART

vid: http://bambuser.com/v/4845214

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Barcelona CCCB 1 min vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7N8FGqY9L8

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Dublin eco urban proposals: Botanic Spine

Sin é anois a chairde,

Yasta amigos,

Thats it now folks,

Oiche mhaith,

Boa noite,

Good night.


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