#CheerForPeaceEXPO – day 5; FOOD – Eco Urban talk with Irish architect Duncan Crowley

Irish eco architect Duncan Crowley will give his talk at 5pm (9pm Irish time) in IBQP, the iCities node in Curitiba, Brazil on Friday 8th of August 2014. The talk will be broadcast live on the #CheerForPeaceEXPO NET TV channel on Bambuser. The archive video will be made available after.

He is part of the ImpacTour team after getting involved with the #CheerForPeace campaign. He is an Irish architect living in Curitiba for a half year, he leads eco urban tours of Curitiba with Architecture Weekend.

Duncan lived previously in Barcelona for 7 years, where he helped set up the Barcelona Tranistion Towns HUB group, as well as many other projects for ecological and positive social change. He was part of an eco consultancy group EIG, with whom he submitted a paper on sustainable development for the Catalan region entitled “Towards a healthier, happier, eco-effective Barcelona“, he also was a finalist in an advanced architecture competition in Barcelona and his work  “A Permaculture and Transition Vision For Barcelona City“was published by IAAC.

In his hometown of Dublin he proposed an eco corridor for the city called “The Botanic Spine“,  was involved in setting up bike rides and also helped set up a few community gardens as well as planting native trees around the city.

Full details about the talk and stories from his past on the Cheer For Peace site.

ibqp talk poster

photo 2


2 thoughts on “#CheerForPeaceEXPO – day 5; FOOD – Eco Urban talk with Irish architect Duncan Crowley

  1. I gave this presentation on FOOD day, fri 9th August, but we had tek problems, so the camera didnt work. I was invited to give the presentation again, so I did yesterday, thankfully the camera worked. The second talk is shorter, half hour. You can watch both vids, unfortunately in the first you can just listen.

    Watch vid:

    Listen to first vid
    #CheerForPeaceEXPO Day5: eco urbanism; Dublin + Barcelona, Duncan Crowley

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