Irish radio covers footy day in Vila Torres favela, Curitiba, Brazil with #CheerForPeace

On Monday 16th I spoke on Ireland’s national radio station RTE, on Joe Duffy’s LIVELINE, where I got the chance to speak to the Irish public for nearly 5 minutes about the #CheerForPeace campaign. The day before we had our GIVE AND GAME FAN FESTIVAL event in the Vila Torres favela, in the centre of Curitiba, Brazil. You can listen to the podcast here, my section is from 32.40.

– Info about the campaign and the goings on in Brazil: For a greener and socially fair World Cup – #CheerForPeace working with all of Brazil – Photos from the Vila Torres event here, here and here.

joe cheer

Transcript : 

JOE DUFFY: Is Duncan Crowley there, Oh Duncan is in Brazil. Duncan good afternoon, how are you?

DUNCAN CROWLEY: Hello Joe, nice to hear from you.

JOE DUFFY: And were you listening to RTE in Brazil?

DUNCAN CROWLEY: I was yeah, as I do on many days, I was tuning in there, good to hear Jimmy Magee as always.

JOE DUFFY: Well hes on the same land mass as you and also the same country, go ahead Duncan, tell your story.

DUNCAN CROWLEY: OK, so I moved to Brazil in February. I’m an architect who is trying to get work and I lived in Spain for a few years before that, and as everyone knows things went a bit pear shaped in that sector. So I have been here a while now and I got involved with a group here. I’m living in Curitiba, which is where the first game is happening today, here in this city. I got involved with a campaign called “Cheer For Peace” and basically it is trying to work for a more ecological and socially just world cup. So the idea was; everyone is coming, there is money coming, a lot of money invested etc, but actually trying to get more involvement with some local poorer communities here. So yesterday we had a huge event in the local Favela, the sort of shanty town, called Vila Torres, in the city centre here. It was great, there was hundreds of kids, we had an online fundraiser. People from all over the world, including Ireland, gave money to buy football kits, to give meals to poorer kids, and to plant trees along the Atlantic coast of Brazil. So it was just trying to say, trying to open up a way that more people could hear about some of the reality here in Brazil. It was amazing.

JIMMY MAGEE: And who have you got today, Iran and Nigeria is it?

DUNCAN CROWLEY: Yeah, well I’m cheering for Iran. One of the guys who helped set up the group was actually born in Iran, he was a refugee from Iran and he ended up in Canada, and then ended up in Brazil. Ive actually been to Iran myself, back in 1999 I went overland to India through Iran and I never met a more welcoming people in any other place.

JIMMY MAGEE:  Id agree with you there, lovely people. Just shows you how publicity can give them a bad name.

JOE DUFFY: And Duncan, now that the world cup has actually started, have the protests died down, or subsided, so to speak?

DUNCAN CROWLEY: Well here in Curitiba there hasn’t been as big protests as there has been in other cities. I think overall, the level of protest has been lower than it was last year for the confederations cup. But there still are protests, you know. So, we will see how that goes. Our point of view is more that people are going to protest, people are pushing for change, personally I support that, I feel that its right, if all this money is being spent, that they should invest in proper things. But now the world cup is on, its crazy here, its great. But our point of view was saying: rather than just protesting and being against things or trying to boycott it (the cup) were saying “well its going to happen, but lets try to use the event, the fact that the world is looking at Brazil, lets talk about some of the reality and try to use it in a positive way for people who wouldn’t be benefiting otherwise. So yesterday, seeing a couple of hundred kids in the favela with their new tops that came from Canada, happy out, new football boots, vegetarian food from the local market donated, so people eating good healthy food, and a great day, people making friends, making connections, learning about each others realities and hopefully that will lead to better things.

JOE DUFFY: Ok, ok, and how long do you intend staying in Brazil Duncan, in so far as you know?

DUNCAN CROWLEY: Well for the next while anyway. My wife is Peruvian, I lived in Barcelona for 7 years. We came out here with the intention of giving it a go and seeing how it works out. Its been great so far. So, who knows? Maybe in a while there might be a few more Brazilians with maybe an Irish and Peruvian mammy and daddy. So, we will see.

JOE DUFFY: Ok, well done Duncan Crowley…


Jimmy Magee (age 79) is a veteran sports broadcaster. Known as the “Memory Man”, he has spent over half a century in sports broadcasting, and has presented radio and television coverage of the Olympic Games since 1968 and the FIFA World Cup since 1966.


Joe Duffy (age 58) is an Irish broadcaster employed by Raidió Teilifís Éireann (Irelands national broadcasting service) One of RTÉ’s highest earning stars, he is the current presenter of Liveline, which is broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1, Monday – Fridays between 13:45 and 15:00.


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