Curitiba, the world’s leading eco-city? (GUIDED TOUR)

Duncan Crowley’s First Curitiba tour with Architecture Weekend now ready, just click on the website, book tour and see you here soon…

Curitiba, the world’s leading eco-city?


In one of the most unlikely places, huge creativity has arisen since the 70’s. Visit Curitiba to understand the urban evolution of what many call the most ecological city on the planet.

In times of ecological uncertainty Curitiba has been seen as a great model to learn from. “The city is not the problem, it is the solution” were the words of architect and ex mayor of Curitiba, Jaime Lerner. The tour starts in the heart of the old city centre exploring pedestrian streets and viewing some examples of the city’s artistic and cultural life like the Guaira theatre. We will then explore a wide range of green areas in the city, of varying scales, each with their own unique set of criteria, levels of connection with nature and individual mystique and charm with the Botanical Garden of Curitiba as the best example. We will also use what many call “the world’s best bus system”, with the giant red buses and their metro like tubes, to get around, take a look at the urban agriculture and to the current project of the revitalisation of the Barigui River.

Join this tour and you will explore the evolution of this fascinating city, how it came about, how it has stood the test of time, what challenges it faces today and what innovative solutions it is attempting now.

€45 per person
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About Duncan Crowley

Duncan Crowley

Urban greening systems is Duncan Crowley’s thing, our Irish architect living in Curitiba, who has worked in 7 different countries and lived in Barcelona for 7 years before moving Brazil.

He finished his degree in architecture in Dublin in 2005 with a project that proposed an 18km orbital bicycle greenway and CPUL (continuous productive urban landscape), during that time he helped kickstart a programme of urban food production which has grown and grown, and over half of the greenway proposal has been installed by the city council, with plans for much more this year.

He moved to Barcelona in 2006 and worked for some years with an eco-consultancy group EIG (eco intelligent growth),with them he was commissioned by CADS (Catalan sustainability advice board) to propose solutions for urban sustainability. In 2010, he was a finalist in a world architecture competition run by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, his work was published in the book Self Sufficient City.

During university he took breaks to work. He has worked in many firms of varying sizes in Ireland on many different projects. He also participated for many years with the EASA network (European Architectural Students Assembly) and worked on architectural projects of different types in Croatia, Bosnia, Denmark and France.In 2006 he participated in the Venice architecture Bienale and he was invited by Patrick Bouchain to live for some weeks in the Metavilla, the French pavillion and was asked to participate in the residentMETA project at the French bienale by EXYZT.

Due to the unfolding economic crisis in Europe he moved to Latin America in 2013. He is currently working on a mixed use building in Ayacucho, Peru and is involved at the initial stages for a public square in Curitiba, Brazil.

Greening the city and connecting communities @ Barcelona (CCCB 2010 vid)


4 thoughts on “Curitiba, the world’s leading eco-city? (GUIDED TOUR)

  1. Curitiba is a Brasilian city with a high cultural movement.
    We asked our architect settled in Curitiba about rainy days there and this was his answer:

    “Curitibans are used to rain. Despite what you might think because its in Brazil, the city is pretty much like norhtern Europe for a lot of the year. There are plenty of fine galleries and museums to check out, and most of them are free too. The easiest way to find out what’s on is to check the fundacao culturalde curitiba guide or you could also see if there are any events down in the Bicicletaria Cultural. If its Friday evening, rain or no rain, you can always go to Ukraine Square (Praça da Ucrânia) where there a food fair, loads of people come here to meet up, get some great grup from the different immigrant communities the city is comprised of, have a beer and enjoy the night…

    Duncan Crowley

  2. New vid regarding Curitiba’s legacy:

    + First positive review of “the yellow tour” that I am still working on:

  3. Ecocity 4: Curitiba, Brazil, 2000

    Closest to an ecocity

    Ecocity 4 featured explorations of such features in Curitiba as we outsiders could until then only dream about. Twenty-seven blocks of pedestrian streets, dozens of parks and plazas and a transit system co-developed with five arms of high-density residential and commercial development along streets reserved for buses – all these became objects of study and envy. Waterways were restored and open landscapes created to harmlessly inflate, then subside, with storm runoff where formerly hundreds of houses were flooded. Educational programs incorporating ecological lifestyle changes along with basic skills for life in the city were provided in old recycled buses that became classrooms for a community of sparse economic means…

    International Conference Series

    2015 Abu Dhabi, UAE
    2013 Nantes, France
    2011 Montreal, Canada
    2009 Istanbul, Turkey
    2008 San Francisco, USA
    2006 Bangalore, India
    2002 Shenzhen, China
    2000 Curitiba, Brazil
    1996 Yoff, Senegal
    1992 Adelaide, Australia
    1990 Berkeley, USA

    Last years ECO CITY CONFERENCE website..

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