Happy “National Day of Mathematics” to all those in Brazil, remembering ϕ

Happy “National Day of Mathematics” to all those in Brazil, or Brazilians elsewhere, or lovers of maths in general. I was not aware of this sacred day in Brazil until a friend passed on the news this morning, the joys of social media. Maths Rocks!!!

A BBC article outlines the days origins: Brazil’s odd passion for mathematical stories

Malba Tahan – or, to give him his full name, Ali Iezid Izz-Edim Ibn Salim Hank Malba Tahan – was a Middle Eastern author who wrote in Arabic and was translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market, readers were told. His short pieces were morality tales written in the style of the Arabian Nights, which soon began to touch on mathematical themes.

They were a huge success, and in 1932 Malba Tahan published what would became one of the most successful books ever written in Brazil The Man Who Counted.


To celebrate the day, I would like to share 3 artistic mathematical celebrations of sorts, 3 adventures with friends, something a little odd and creative, to celebrate life: 1 on a lovely little Croatian island in the mediterranean; Vis.  The second on a lovely, windswept beach on the wild western coast of Ireland; Lahinch. The last on a magic little beach in Catalunya by the “middle of the world”; Altafulla.

samogar art gallery @ sangria night c/o lithuanian mad hatters 2002

Samogar Art Gallery

mathematicians of destiny

Playing with Phi


1 + 1 = 1

And to finish off, a little joke from IosafBe Rational


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